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Snookums- Food for Arrogant Cats

Cats are one of the most favoured pets around the world after dogs. They are much more temperamental and mind their own business most of the times. They have unique personalities and some of them are off beat. Arrogant and aloof cats are not uncommon and such cats have an identity of their own. Such cats require special attention. Cat food is one of them. Snookums is one such special brand of cat food.

Creator of the ad campaign for this brand of food says that these special types of food are specifically designed to satisfy their needs. They are very aggressive and the tastes which are incorporated here help them to find their peace. Some of the tastes include piquant pigeon, ravishing rabbit, and saucy snapper and so on. These give them a taste of their primal food groups hence satisfying their senses. It has become popular today.


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