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Kitten and hamster

Will my cat attack or eat my hamster? These are among the most asked questions for owners who prefer to keep both cat and hamster for pets. The answer is yes, with precautions that is possible.

You must to convert your cat that: Hamster is friends, not food! Hamster is gnawer; of course they’re feed for cats. Still, not every cat is mouse catchers. Try to allow your cat sit alongside your hamster cage and follow the cat’s body language.

If the cats are only sitting at that place wagging they’re tail, then you are able to talk to your cat and convince him that the hamster is not toys or food. If the cat is sitting there stiff and hump, you however can comfort him and order him to relax. Take the cat aside for now if he acts furiously.

You must be patience to repeat the process until your cat can stay cool and leave the hamster alone. Before you achieve that, never let the cat stay by the cage unsupervised. Cats are smart enough, they can find a way if they want to taste the hamster.


  1. So cute! Love it!

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