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Cats attacking toilet paper

While some cat owners may view cats’ propensity to shred toilet paper roll after roll as a behavioral problem, others look at it as an amusing example of cats’ quirkiness.  Do you think cats’ fascination with toilet paper is funny to look at, or does it just represent a bad habit to be broken?

Five ways to prevent cats from playing with toilet paper:

* Hang the roll so that the paper hangs down between the roll and the wall rather than over the top of the roll.
* If the cat knows how to roll it either way, then you can get a cover that rests on top of the toilet paper and this will work. You can make your own by taking the cardboard core from an empty roll and slitting it lengthwise and fitting it over the roll.
* You can balance a small paper cup full of water on top of the roll.
* Instead of a cup of water, try an aluminum can with pennies.
* If you are unwilling or unable to use the cover, then close the door to the bathroom.

The toilet paper is terminated:

Persistence, perseverance and patience = slow, painful TP death:

Someone needs to tell her the double-pawed move is slowing her down:


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